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                发布时间: 2013-11-18 [特大 ]



                  December 28th , 2012, the thirtieth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress approved the decision on amending “the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China” by the Standing Committee of National People's Congress. The decision goes into effect since July 1st 2013.

                  In order to prevent the labor dispatch legal risk, the related 7 staff from the Group Security and Legal department, the Group Human Resources department, Beijing Ming Cheng Law Firm and Beijing Zhonglun W & D Law Firm had a discussion and made interpretation & analysis of the labor dispatch in "Labor Contract Law" (amendment). They agreed the following pre-control recommendations:

                一、劳务派遣单位的资格核查  The qualification verification of labor dispatch units

                  1、提供 “企业法人营业执照”(经营范围含“劳务派遣”,注册资本不得少于200万元人民币)复印件(如右图示例);

                  2、提供 “职业介绍(劳务派遣机构)许可证”复印件(如左图示例);




                  1.provide the copy of "Business License" (containing the business scope of labor dispatch, and the registered capital is not less than 2 million yuan) ;

                  2.provide the copy of “employment introduction (labor dispatch agency) license”;

                  3.provide the copy of “fixed location and facilities adapt to the business" proof (housing rental contract or housing ownership certificate);

                  4.provide the " Labor dispatch management system compliance with the law and administrative regulations " (such as democratic consultation procedures, overtime, social insurance, labor relations establishment and termination / release etc.).

                  Notice: The above documents should be stamped with the official seal of labor dispatch unit

                二、劳务派遣用工的范围  The scope of labor dispatch staff



                  2) 辅助性工作岗位:为主营业务岗位提供服务的非主营业务岗位;




                  1.the labor dispatch positions restrictions (temporary, auxiliary, alternative):

                  1)temporary positions: survival time is not more than six months;

                  2)auxiliary positions: positions of non-core business to provide services to the main business positions;

                  3)alternative positions: in a certain period of the time when formal laborers in the unit are unable to work because of full-time study, vacations and other reasons, alternative positions could replace.

                  2.Limit ratio of the number of labor dispatch:

                  The state has not yet issued specific dispatched labor ratio till now. The limit ratio of the dispatched labor in the local regulations of Jiangsu and other province is considered not more than 30% of formal employees (excluding labor dispatch staff). The experts estimate the limit ratio of the dispatched labor promulgated by the State Council will not be higher than this ratio.

                三、劳务派遣人员的同工同酬  Equal pay for equal work for the dispatched labor




                  1.all the labor dispatch units shall pay equally for equal work for dispatch labor;

                  2.equal pay for equal work: employers should pay equally to the workers engage in the same work, pay the equivalent amount of labor and achieve the same performance. The equal pay includes money wages ( wages, bonuses, allowances, subsidies ), real compensation and social insurance;

                  3.the wage standard in the contract signed between the dispatched labor and the labor dispatch unit, should be consistent with the formal employee on the same position.

                四、过渡期的劳务派遣协议处理  The transition of the labor dispatch agreement processing






                  1.the issued date of "Labor Contract Law" ( amendment ) was December 28th , 2012, and the implementation date is July 1st, 2013;

                  2.Labor dispatch agreement between labor units and labor dispatched units signed before December 28th, 2012 continue to the expiration of the term;

                  3.Labor dispatch agreement between labor units and labor dispatched units signed between December 28th , 2012 to July 1st , 2013, the labor dispatch units must obtain the administrative license and go through the registration modification of the company prior to July 1st , 2014;

                  4.Labor dispatch agreement between labor units and labor dispatched units signed after July 1st , 2013, the labor dispatch units shall have the qualification license of labor dispatch, and in accordance with the temporary, auxiliary and alternative position requirements;

                  5.dispatched labor and formal employee must perform equal pay for equal work from July 1st, 2013.

                五、具体措施  Specific measures




                  1.choose the labor dispatch unit which are qualified, strong and with good reputation;

                  2.refine the temporary, auxiliary and alternative positions, especially the auxiliary work, to distinguish the main business and non-core business position. The refining work need assembly of employee representatives ( or all staff ) discuss, put forward a proposal, equal consultation with the trade unions ( or legally elected staff representatives ) , form official documents, and publicity;

                  3.self-examine the signed labor dispatch agreement as soon as possible, to those in violation of the principle of equal pay for equal work, should adjust be based on the "Labor Contract Law " ( amendment ) , and deal with the other things in accordance with the relevant requirements.

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