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                发布时间: 2013-10-28 [特大 ]

                一、法律风▽险案例Legal risk case

                1.案例介绍Case introduction


                    Nowadays, cases of infringement on trade secret and intellectual property by employee are gradually increasing.

                    案例一:王某、张∑某分别于2005年、2007年入职A设计院,在职期间,王某与张某与A设计院签署了《知识产权保护√协议》。2008年,A设㊣ 计院承接了“某风景区的设计项目”,王某担任设计项目●经理,张某担任◆设计项目成员。设计项目完成后,王某、张某于2009年申々请离职,并发起设立了B设计公司,在B设¤计公司网站上,刊登了“某风景区的设计项目”的一段文字内☉容和两幅近似设计效果图作为B公司设计业绩宣传材料。

                    Case One: Mr. Wang and Mr. Zhang had joined Design Institute A in 2005 and 2007 respectively, and had signed Intellectual Property Protection Agreement with Design Institute A. Design Institute A undertook a design project for a scenic in 2008, Mr. Wang served as design project manager and Mr. Zhang served as a member of the design project .Upon completion of the design project, Wang and Zhang applied for dimission and established design company B by sponsorship.Then they published a paragraph of the text of the design project and two approximate design renderings as promotional materials of design results of company B.

                    A设计院向法院◥提起诉讼,法院认定,王某※与张某参加设计项目属于职务行为,其所设计的图纸著作权属于A设计院所有,B设计公司在未经▓A设计院同意的情况下在网站上刊登设计项目效》果图,构成对A设计院侵权。故终审判Ψ 决:B设计公司停止侵权、公开赔礼★道歉、赔偿A设计院经济损失。

                    Design Institute A filed a suitcase in a court, the court deemed that the participation of Wang and Zhang in the design project were duty acts and the copyright of design drawings made by Wang and Zhang belongs to Design Institute A. Without consent of Design Institute A , publishing of design renderings by Company B constituted infringement on Design Institute A. Thus the court made the final judgment that Company B should cease infringement, make a public apology and compensate for economic losses of Design Institute A.

                    案例二:某省建设公司(以下简称“甲方”)委托Z设计院为其开发的“花园〖住宅小区”进行建筑设计,已签订设计合同ζ ,并支付定金,张某作为Z设计院该设计项目成员,习惯于将设计文件存储于电子』邮箱内。张某在与甲方联系○时,无意中将工作邮箱的密码告知了甲方。在Z设计院基本完成设计图纸时,甲方拒绝接︽受图纸,而转请Y设计院对其开发的“花园住「宅小区”进行建筑设计,并向≡仲裁机关请求Z设计院返回定金,仲裁机▆关支持了甲方返回定金的请求。

                    Case Two: A construction company in a province (hereinafter referred to as "Party A") commissioned Design Institute Z to conduct architecture design for a garden residential area developed by itself and both parties had signed design contract and pay the deposit.Zhang ,as a member of the design project of Design Institute Z, had been accustomed to store design documents in the e-mail. When contacting with Party A, Zhang told Party A the  passwords to the mailbox unintentionally. When the design drawings were basically completed by Design Institute Z, Party A refused to accept the design drawings and hired Design Institute Y to conduct architecture design instead. Meanwhile, Party A claimed to return the deposit with an arbitration authority. The arbitration authority supported its claim.

                2.案例分析Case analysis


                    The characteristics of these two cases are that employees do not consider intellectual  property resulted from design or research projects they participated in as an ownership of employers. Besides, they have no awareness of protection to intellectual property and trade secret of employers.

                二、预控风险的建№议Recommendations to pre-control the risk

                    为预控知识产权保护风险,经集团证劵法务部、集团人卐力资源部、集团科技质量部和外聘北京市明诚律师事ξ 务所和北京亿中律师事务所等五个部门的︾相关人员共同商讨,一致认为预控知识产权保护风险的建议如下:

                    In order to pre-control intellectual property protection risks, after the discussion of Group Security and Legal Department, Group HR Department, Group Research and Quality Department and external law firms (Beijing Professional Business Law Office and Beijing Yizhong Law Firm),  the suggestion of pre-control intellectual property protection risks is as followed:


                    The following points should be paid attention to in agreement when signing intellectual property agreement:


                    Intellectual Property resulted from working(including copyright, patent right, right of trademark in intellectual achievements, such as invention and creations, works, computer software, etc. ) shall be owned by employers.


                    The scope of trade secret of employers(such as documents of undisclosed work content involving the state or employers, Writings, business information, financial information, personnel information, technical data, computer programs, software, information, intellectual property information, proprietary technology) shall be specified .


                    Liability for breach of contract of employees shall be specified. For example, if employees breach contract, the employer is entitled to recover all economic losses to the employees, which could be deducted from the employee's salary. In serious cases, the employer may terminate the labor contract.


                    Strengthen system construction and public education from the following aspects:


                    Establish and improve intellectual property rights and trade secret protection regulations and systems;


                    Establish and improve intellectual property rights and trade secret protection processes;

                    3)加强对员工保护知¤识产权与商业秘密的思想⌒ 教育。

                    Enhance ideological education of intellectual property rights and trade secret protection for employees.
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